The Loneliest Crowds

Surrounded by people

Alone in your thoughts

Trapped by conversations

Lost in your own world

Physically confined

In a space filled with people

You close your eyes to escape

the loneliness that comes

with being surrounded by


when all you crave (is to be)

when all you feel



The worst level of loneliness is feeling lost in a crowd of people; people with whom you are connected to, people with whom you share your life, your world, and your space. They surround you with their presence consuming your airspace with their conversations, and demands. You are present in body, but your mind has wandered off to a safe place where you can think, and breathe in solitude, or in a moment with people in a connection that is authentic, and true.

You are lonely, but not alone. You are lost, yet placed in a room full of people you know. The connections may be real, but at this very moment, you are isolated in a crowd. It’s rough. It hurts. It’s boring. There is little worse than the artificial chit-chat of mundane conversations when what you need is deep connections.

Even being enveloped by people you love, and have true connections with can be lonely when you’re not feeling engaged in the environment, or the situation. That loneliness is raw. It hurts. it stings worse salt on a fresh paper cut.

Are you aware when you’re a noise in a crowd, leaving someone you care about in the shadows? Do you notice the silence, or discomfort that radiates from your companions when they are lost in a crowd? How do you coax a turtle from their shell when they seem lost in a sea of people?

How do you find yourself when you’re lost in a group? Do you sulk? Do you fret? Do you blame others for your lack of participation? Do you take initiative and stride your way into conversations?

How do you find yourself when you are lost in a crowd?

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