Thank You for Breaking Me

To the people who stole my voice when I was trying to speak: Thank you for silencing me, it gave me time to think. I found my words, I changed my tune and sang my truths to those who choose to listen not only hear the words that shape my life. May you one day find your voice for patience, and practice silencing yourself in order to listen, and grow with others.

To the people who broke my wings when I was learning how to fly: Thank you. My freedom, when I gain it will be more profound, powerful even, as I stretch and grow my wings in the directions that I need to fly. My life’s purpose will be unshackled, and I’ll breathe deeper than ever before. May you one day taste freedom from your own prisons and see the world through open eyes, and with open minds.

To the people who silenced my celebrations when I felt pride: Thank you. I’ve now learned to reach for my goals alone, pushing myself beyond my comforts, and realizing that what I do matters if only to me, and my chosen few. May you one day realize that others shining do not diminish your own lights.

To the people who told me “NO!” when I needed to take risks, or grow: Thank you. By creating fears and limitations within my soul, I’ve now realized that I should not allow anyone, or anything to hold me back. My fears are mountains to conquer, my limitations are motivators to grow. May you one day hear “NO” as a motivator to end your restrictive grasp on others.

To the people who spoke ill of me in hopes of displaying your own garden of greatness: Thank you for exposing my thorns. When I planted roses, spikes did grow, and I must learn how to use my words, and presence carefully in order to create shelter, not harm for my people. May you one day realize that your words are intended to build others, and their relationships, not drown people in an ocean of pain simply because you are jealous of people swimming in the same water.

To the people who tried to break me when I needed to be held together: I hope your attempts at destroying me fixed you to perfection because trust me, not only am I stronger now, but I’m aware, and that, that should scare you.

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