That was a Wrong Transfer of Power!

The other day a student who is normally fairly respectful decided to test the waters, and allow the undertow to drag him into extreme rudeness. It turns out that he had recently lost a power dynamic with his friends, and clearly needed to feel on top of the world at someone else’s expense. In thisContinue reading “That was a Wrong Transfer of Power!”

Misogynistic Double Standards to the EXTREME!

Take a look at the image below: What’s your first thought when you see this post? Be honest. I’m sure many people have a lot to say about it, so open up the conversation, and start talking! When my MALE social media friend posted this, it came with a tag line that included the wordsContinue reading “Misogynistic Double Standards to the EXTREME!”

Feeling Like a Failure for Being Sick

My youngest daughter was only a few months old when I ended up with a separated shoulder. Holy tomatoes, the pain was almost worse than delivering her; in fact, it probably was worse because it rendered me practically unable to function. If it wasn’t the pain that stopped me in my tracks, it was theContinue reading “Feeling Like a Failure for Being Sick”