The Unethical View of Ethical Eating

I’ve been eating a vegan diet for almost eight years. Prior to that, I was a strict vegetarian for countless years, followed by several years of being wrongfully medically manipulated into eating chicken. No matter what I consume, or avoid, I have always tried my best to do the least amount of harm with myContinue reading “The Unethical View of Ethical Eating”

The Lost Art of Resilience

Without sharing how many rotations around the sun I’ve experienced, I can certainly age myself by simply reflecting on how much more resilient, and independent my generation was the the students in my current classrooms. Decision making used to be a valued skill, with opportunity cost, and missing out on experiences natural consequences, and regularContinue reading “The Lost Art of Resilience”

It’s All About the FOOD!

I grew up in a family where to a great extent, I was “allowed” to be a picky eater. My parents never focused on nutrition; their goal was to have us fed, and therefor happy. Every Sunday morning, the butcher, or his son would deliver our order. My parents too so much pride in beingContinue reading “It’s All About the FOOD!”

Shhhhhhhh…… Please!!!!

Today I broke away from responsibility to enjoy the company of a friend. We met at a location that was filled with lights, and sounds, and more people than I care to associate with. For the past few days, I’ve been thrust into environments that are noisy, crowded, and overwhelming. Within the confines of myContinue reading “Shhhhhhhh…… Please!!!!”

The Language of Life

I have a friend with whom shared conversations are peppered with the language of our childhood. The words of our fathers, and grandmothers slip from her tongue like honey, while my mouth fumbles like a first kiss. It’s funny how when we were younger, these words were kept on a shelf almost out of reach.Continue reading “The Language of Life”

Lost in the Middle of Nowhere

I can’t remember the last time the sun warmed my yard. Granted, that has nothing to do with the fact that I live somewhere lost in the middle of nowhere, but it definitely adds to the sense of isolation, and desolation. I’m not entirely alone; I live in a small cluster of houses next-door toContinue reading “Lost in the Middle of Nowhere”