Nowhere to Hide

I live my life surrounded by people. At work, I interact with no less than 250 people daily, although I am present with closer to 550 people in my space.

I share my living space with people.

I drive roads filled with other people equally trapped in their own vehicles.

I run errands in places filled with people.

I have nowhere to hide; nowhere to decompress after a rough day.

At work, my goal is to care for the emotional needs of others.

At home, I’m responsible for well, everything for everyone.

On the road, does that even need to be discussed?

In the shops? Respect people’s space. Don’t buy more than you need, allow a stranger to skip ahead in line…

It’s always about people.

It’s always about putting myself forward to meet the needs of others.

So often, I dream of having a place to hide away and listen to myself for a while…

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