Am I Invisible?

I used my words.

I spoke my truth.

My voice was thrown to the wind.

It’s 2022, basically all things in life are related to memes, right? The meme on my mirror says basically says that we have to be okay with people not believing our truths, that we have to understand that our truths are our own perceptions and that we don’t owe anyone explanations into our thoughts. I call BULLSHIT!

I told my truths and in a blink they were unraveled because someone else chose to feign sorrow. I wore my pain like a chainmail suit only to be pushed into a rushing river; rusting in my anguish like a storybook character from long ago.

Every story in life is a multifaceted diamond: each person’s perception, each person’s truth, and if one is lucky, the ultimate truth at the base of the gem gathering light and refracting it into rainbows. My story is a diamond. It too has many sides and many points of reflection. I simply don’t understand why my side has suddenly lost its lustre and now sits scratched, and scared in the dark.

Why? Why is my word no longer allowed to be MY truth? Why must I reconsider my thoughts, my feelings, my life because someone else has decided that their decisions are more important than mine?

I spent years defending someone else’s behaviours. I spent years compromising my principles and suppressing myself to fit into a box that never felt safe, or comfortable.

Somehow through it all, I managed to grow. I managed to wake up and see my truths. Now that I am prepared to invest in myself and move forward, I’m being thrown larger roadblocks, and crashing into stronger brick walls.

What most people don’t realize is that I’m charged and energized to challenge, and conquer everything that attempts to block my path.

I’m not there yet, but soon enough, *I* will be in control of my own destiny! I will not longer be invisible. I will no longer be seen as submissive. I will no longer cower in the shadows of my own fears and self-inflicted barriers. I. Will. Stand. Strong.

I just hope I get there sooner than later…

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