Do You Need the Lyrics, or the Music?

Sometimes You Need the Lyrics, Sometimes You Need the Tune

The clouds in your mind are thick. They consume your thoughts and feelings. Ache tugs at your heart, while your body vibrates to its own high stressed frequency. Sounds surround you. They confine you to space where you lack control. Claustrophobic in an open space, you reach for your headphones, press a few buttons, and let the music save your soul.

Living in a world that runs on frequency, and vibration, it’s no doubt that music has the power to save a strangled soul. Indigenous People have long believed that the drum is the heartbeat of our planet: a mother’s heartbeat being the first music that a child hears, and feels.

There is rhythm in everything we do. Our movements, the sound of our eyes blinking, our breaths. My fingers dancing across this keyboard as my thoughts ramble and tumble into words…

Can music change your life? Has music changed your life?

That one song that pops onto the radio while you are lost in thought. The lyrics that make you pause and think. How can someone you’ve never met express exactly what you need to say in words so profound, and perfect? Sometimes you need the lyrics. You need the words to carve a crater into your soul and pour the tears from your eyes. You need the fluid poetry to stir your emotions, let your anger rage, or your passion ignite and explode.

There’s that one song…that one that you hear and never tell a soul about how it makes you feel. The lyrics are tattooed into your memory. They haunt you, but comfort you. This one song that keeps you together when you need it most, but also grants you the grace of falling apart and being beautifully broken. Hold onto that song…let it be forever yours.

Not all music leads us by worded poetry. Our bodies are of course connected to the rhythms, the tunes, the lyric-less voices of the music that courses through our veins. How often do you allow music to simply take over your body? Does it carry you out to dance, or do you unplug your electric urges and simply allow the rhythms and tunes to flow within you? Are you shy? Do you dance uninhibited when no one is watching? Are you afraid of your own beauty, and flow? When’s the last time you truly FELT the music within you?

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