Living Life as a “Stuck” Person

    When you live your life as a "stuck" person, make sure no one knows your struggles. The minute you walk out into the world, and someone recognizes your position: BOOM the expectations will strike - HARD. 
    What is a "stuck" person? A person who is trapped for reasons either their own, or those imposed by the social, or environment around them. Anyone can be "stuck." Finances, relationships, location, the list of oppressions is infinite. Sometimes however, the biggest entrapment isn't living "stuck," but having others know your status. 
    Presenting yourself in a world where you are known to be "stuck" increases your vulnerability. Those around you who want nothing more than to be supportive, and helpful will unknowingly crush your progress with their judgement. Trust the day you hold your head up high in success that someone, a tiny voice squeaked from the shadows like a shy stuck mouse, will question whether your gains are real, or all for show. 
     Intentions will always be golden. Everyone wants to help a "stuck" person because everyone in is "stuck" in their own way, and it's better to dig someone else out than focus inwardly on one's own shit. Most good intentions however have the shit falling back into the hole, or dig the hole deeper because let's face it: why help someone else succeed when you can't even help yourself put one foot in front of the other? 
    This failure at assistance won't even be recognized by the "good samaritan." No, no. You will be the bigger failure for not allowing their help to tow you out of your hole. No, no. It will be your fault that the hole is now deeper, stinkier, and fuller. Their intentions were "golden." You however, are "STUCK." 
    I mean, there is some truth to sticking yourself in the mud and being comfortable in being uncomfortable. You know this mud. This mud tickles all of your senses in ways that you recognize. There will always be mud, so why leave this mud for new mud? What's the point? 
    There will always be mud. 
    There will ALWAYS be mud. 
    THERE WILL ALWAYS BE MUD, but chances are that the NEW mud will help you grow rather than bury you. When you are "stuck," you are buried. Is that how you want to live your life? Head down, day to day smile so plastic that you practically believe it. Motions robotic, and routine filled with resentment, lacking passion, desire, and motivation...
    You are "STUCK." I am "STUCK." EVERYONE is "STUCK!" So what are we going to do about it? Maybe it's time to leave footprints in the mud, and walk the fuck away?


One thought on “Living Life as a “Stuck” Person

  1. There is so much truth in this post! But when someone is “stuck,” that could also be a time when they can use the mud and excrement to grow into something more than they were. They can grow more resilient, and learn to put the muck below them. Wouldn’t that be such a nice thought??


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