Empty Words

They sprinkled our conversations with words like “forever,” “always,” “and “eternity,” and “endless.” They were meant to be seasonings, but their flavours poisoned me. Timelessness is scary. How can dreams be set in a world of never-ending-anything when we know deep down that all things good, bad, and ugly come to an end at some point?

Countless movies, countless TV shows, countless love songs all spewing the same rhetoric of “forever, and for always;” it’s a tumbleweed of emotional manipulation.

Lost in love doesn’t equate a healthy relationship. Lost in love is a fantasy island without protection from hurricanes, or tsunamis. Lost in love is a 30ft wave that eventually rolls up to shore and CRASHES on a sharp rock.

Am I cynical? Obviously! Am I jaded? Obviously! Am I a pessimist? No, I don’t think I am. I think I’ve had a pretty sheltered experience with love, but every encounter has exposed a multitude of the same patterns, and issues. Am I the problem? Obviously! It does take two to tango, and each person brings their share of issues, and baggage to relationships. On point though, I’m not alone in my disgruntled experiences. Every single person that I speak with has their share of relationship woes, and foes. Even our famed screen, and song idols face the mirror of imperfection at some point: isn’t that why Country music exists? The girl leaves, the truck breaks down, and eventually, the sun has to set.

Why do we invest so much energy into heavy words that are as empty as colanders of water? Why do we propel ourselves into relationships hoping for glory days that never fade? Why are we so disconnected from reality that we don’t acknowledge red flags when we need to? Why are we so fixated on forever, when we aren’t even living in the moment TODAY?

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