Shani Ratliff

16296106_10210142161424880_924463189_n.jpgHello, I’m Shani Ratliff! I am a believer, wife, and mom. My husband Cory and I live in Waukegan, IL and have 2 amazing, lego-loving boys, Justin-Michael (9), Sammy (6), and are expecting a baby girl in March 2017 (Jessa).

We attend The Sign of the Dove Church where Cory serves as the Worship Pastor and Assistant Liaison to the Sr. Pastor and I serve as one of the worship leaders and lead a small group within the women’s ministry.

Over the past year I have begun a personal journey of choosing the life that God has called me to and following the quiet desires and passions placed in me by my Creator.

I am excited about joining other women in meaningful fellowship and being unafraid of imperfections and flaws while still being mightily used and precious to God