Kensie Story

14068455_1736484923259340_3276579438745195649_o.jpgHi there! My name is Kensie Story and I am the coordinator of the Writing Team for Beautifully Broken! I am so excited to be stepping into this new role as well as writing on our blog!

I am a wife, a mom, and an avid music lover. When God called me to write, I had to laugh. English was my least favorite subject; I failed spelling tests in elementary; growing up, my mom had to bribe me to get me to read a book; and I absolutely hated writing (unless it was something fun like a poem).

God has a sense of humor that way though. I am so glad that I followed Him down this path. Now that I have been writing for over a year, I cannot imagine doing anything else!

My passion is to reach women who are burdened by shame and judgement – bringing grace to the ones who feel out of place – and encourage them to walk confidently in their Christ given identities.

Visit my personal blog HERE or follow me on Facebook and Instagram! I look forward to connecting with you!