Dawn Stewart

FullSizeRender.jpgHello precious friend! My name is Dawn Stewart. I am one of the founders of the Beautifully Broken ministry and so excited to also be part of this amazing writing team!

Prior to September 1, 2010- I would have labeled myself broken, battered, bruised, burned out, and beyond help.

Today- I label myself BEAUTIFUL! Yes – that’s right. I am beautiful. And here’s the amazing part- it has nothing to do with me.

God has completely transformed and restored me from the inside out. He has taken my mess of a life and turned it into the most beautiful place I could have imagined. Easy? Not a chance! Worth it? Absolutely!

My passion is sharing the amazing goodness of our God and how He meets us right in the middle of our brokenness to reveal His unmatchable Beauty through both the written and spoken word. I have tasted and seen His Goodness and I intend on sharing that experience with every woman He brings my way. May you know the intensity of His grace, the fierceness of His love, and the passion of His heart for you my sweet friend.

I love coffee chats and hearing how God is working in the lives of others. I pray you encounter His love here, and I encourage you to share!

Beautifully Broken has its roots in intense pain and brokenness. This ministry has its beginning in hopeless desperation. Oh, but the Beauty that is found in those places as God takes the ashes and creates His masterpiece!

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