Back in MY Day…

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day 2022. I’ve never enjoyed Valentine’s Day. The artificial sweetness professed as “true love,” acrid chocolates placed in heart-shaped boxes, and anvil-like pressure placed upon partners to present the “best gift ever” disgust me. Why would I need my partner to spend hundreds, or thousands of dollars to profess love to meContinue reading “Back in MY Day…”

Do You Need the Lyrics, or the Music?

Sometimes You Need the Lyrics, Sometimes You Need the Tune The clouds in your mind are thick. They consume your thoughts and feelings. Ache tugs at your heart, while your body vibrates to its own high stressed frequency. Sounds surround you. They confine you to space where you lack control. Claustrophobic in an open space,Continue reading “Do You Need the Lyrics, or the Music?”

Living Life as a “Stuck” Person

When you live your life as a “stuck” person, make sure no one knows your struggles. The minute you walk out into the world, and someone recognizes your position: BOOM the expectations will strike – HARD. What is a “stuck” person? A person who is trapped for reasons either their own, or those imposed byContinue reading “Living Life as a “Stuck” Person”