Let’s be real; it’s 2023, and there are many words, phrases, and expressions that need to be expelled from our vernacular. There are words that within one syllable carry more oppressive meaning than entire volumes of literature, or song lyrics. Eradicate their usage, but don’t obliterate them from our dictionaries. People need to be awareContinue reading “Censored…Oppressed…Hurt.”

Please Don’t Stop Time

There is deep nostalgia in looking through photographs. Children are young, cute, and playful. Youth glows in our faces before wrinkles can map out our history, and growth. Smiles seem more authentic. Bodies seem more agile, and beautiful. There is hope. There are dreams. Youth is wild, and carefree. Everything glows in The Fountain ofContinue reading “Please Don’t Stop Time”

Happy New Every Day!

In some parts of the world, people are already chilling their champagne and prepping for their midnight kisses. Globally, people who recognize today as New Year’s Eve are organizing their resolutions, setting goals, and making promises to themselves, and their loved ones for 2023 to be better, stronger, more, less, everything, and then some thatContinue reading “Happy New Every Day!”