Carrie Overmeyer

Hello Beautiful Ladies!  I’m Carrie Overmyer.  I am one of the team members of Beautifully Broken that started out as a participant.  I felt nudged by the Lord to share some of my testimonies, and daily struggles with all of you, so I chose to write some of my own thoughts of love and encouragement for the ladies that follow this beautiful ministry.


In September of 2016, I joined one of the most impactful conferences of Beautifully Broken – Unashamed.  I walked in with intentions of changing everyone around me to make my life better.  What God showed me was just the OPPOSITE.  He showed me that I need to change MYSELF in order to change the circumstances of my life.


And what a journey it has been.  I’ve known God for a long time, but have never really fully brought Him into my life like I do now.  I’ve done things I never thought were possible, and started turning to God for things when I’ve always turned to worldly encouragement and affirmation.  But when you’re on God’s path, even though it’s not always what you pictured, it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL.  Even in the yuck, you can find Glory in Him.  You don’t need to world to tell you who you are.  God knows exactly who you are, who He wants you to be, and He loves you in ALL of it.


I always thought my testimony was never detrimental enough, or big enough, to share with the world.  What I realized is God gave me so many smaller testimonies to relate to so many people, to share the love the Lord has shown me over many years.  Years I never even realized He was there.  But He never let me go.


Beautifully Broken is built by women who are true, honest, and REAL.  They share the same struggles, triumphs, and difficulties each one of you women do.  What a community of women to be a part of, where I know I can turn to any one of them to support me, or to guide me to truth, when I need it most.


These are Godly women, yet they are all human, too, just like you and me.  I’m happy to be a part of this ministry, to help me along on my spiritual journey.


God loves me just as I am, and He loves you, too!