The Sky Remained Blue

The sky remained blue

even after you made your decision

The sky remained blue

even after a hurricane of tears had fallen

The sky remained blue

when every good-bye was said

The sky remained blue

when the world stood still

The sky remained blue

The sky remained blue

The sky remained blue

when there was nothing else for it to do

Have you ever had a day so rough that sandpaper across a sunburn would be more welcome than reliving even a moment of it? I’m sure we’ve all had many.

On days when basic functioning is more challenging than climbing Mount Everest, I often marvel at the blueness of the sky. How, I wonder, can the sky be so clear of worries, and stress while my head carries the weight of the world in clouds, and tears?

March is a month wherein more calendar days are marked with sorrow, than joy for me. Almost every day carries a sword that slices through reality and reminds of a last breath, a tearful good-bye, heartache, and misery.

I try. Every single day, I try to look for the stars in the clouds to paint a masked smile upon my face. Sometimes, I succeed. Most, without knowing my burdens, would find my feigned sunshine authentic. There is no point in boiling sorrows, and sadness onto other people’s soup.

One day stands as a beacon in the middle of the storm. On this day, I cling to authentic, genuine joy, knowing that the next few sunrises will shine light on dust that even decades past trauma, still hasn’t settled.

And yet, on all of the days that surrender my smiles to tears, the sky remains blue.

The sky remains blue.

The sky remains blue, but it’s not free of worries. The sky remains blue, while it carries the lives of bugs, and birds as they jet set from paradise to paradise. Are they leaving their troubles behind, or do they carry them along, depositing their struggles along with seeds, and pollen?

Is the beauty they create their way of coping?

All I know is, everything will eventually work out, as long as the sky remains blue.

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