Misogynistic Double Standards to the EXTREME!

Take a look at the image below:

What’s your first thought when you see this post?

Be honest.

I’m sure many people have a lot to say about it, so open up the conversation, and start talking!

When my MALE social media friend posted this, it came with a tag line that included the words “Hoes gonna do hoe shit, so stay away from those hoes, they are your worst enemy.”

Let’s deconstruct this image:

In the centre, seated on a chair is a woman in full in the glow of pregnancy. She’s about four weeks away from seeing her baby’s face for the first time. Surrounding her are four smiling men, each eager to be knighted with the title of “Baby’s Father.”

The woman states proudly that she’s not sure which of these men will be crowned “Daddy,” but she’s grateful that all of them turned out to support her. She’s also certain that the three unrelated men will make incredible honorary uncles to her child.

Everyone is happy to be there. Everyone is excited for this baby.

So tell me, what were your first thoughts when you saw the picture?

Were you like minded with the misogynist on social media who automatically judged this woman for perceived promiscuity?

Did you think “Gross, who has sex with FOUR MEN during one week?” (Realistically, a person is typically only able to conceive within a one week timeframe depending on their cycles, and whatnot.)

If you are judging the mother for her actions, what about the men? Realistically, sperm producers can produce a child daily, possibly more often depending on how virile they are. In order for THAT to happen though, they would need to be between the legs of a different womb bearing person each time they ejaculated.

Interesting. A sperm producer could have over 365 children a year, a) never know about it, b) not be called a “hoe” for their sexual exploits. Yet here we have a person who has engaged in sexual activity with four people; people with whom she appears to have close friendships, and established relationships with, and the world is being given a warning about her value, her purity, and her integrity.

Of course, the woman is a “slut,” and a “whore” for having sex with more than one person, yet men are praised for doing exactly the same thing! What backward, disgustingly archaic nonsense is this?!

Most men that I’ve met dream of threesomes: having sex with two women at the same time, but if a woman asks for two men at the same time, forget it, the bed gets rolled way, and locked up far, far away from play.

First off, that’s an extremely homophobic reaction. Secondly, um, two women together isn’t heteronormative either! Why is it acceptable when it’s two women, but not two men?! Personally, the idea of being with another women isn’t my particular cup of tea. I’m sure however, I could get creative with two men simultaneously… I don’t particularly WANT to, but given interest, it could work.

Let’s tally up all of these misogynistic double standards:

  1. Women will be judged for any sexual decisions they make for themselves: stay a virgin until whenever: they are cold as ice, and cock-teases; enjoy multiple partners: clearly unworthy of anything other than nasty labels
  2. Women are only meant to be available for use, then disposed of, although, that puts shame on them, not the people that are treating them as trash
  3. Men are entitled to as many partners as possible, yet I question with whom they are getting their rocks off if women are expected to be virginal?
  4. This image, and the nasty tagline was posted by a male “social-medialite”, however, I’m quite certain that many females would “agree” with him because “slut-shaming” is so engrained in society that most people, women especially do not realize that they are downgrading their own worth, and the rights of women everywhere by falling down misogynistic rabbit holes

I could narrate the injustices forever, however I’m beginning to sound redundant, and repetitive.

The fact is, women, be it cisgender women, or trans women, or non-binary women, women of any nature for that matter, will not have any form of equality in life until we obtain equality in the bedroom, and on the world’s sexual freedom stage.

As for this woman, and her crew: Best of luck to all of you! I’m sure you had no intention of becoming a global meme. On behalf of humanity, I’m sorry that your happy moment is being marred, and ridiculed by social ignorance.

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