Connecting with Nature Part Two: Thank You Forest

The other day my power walk was bereft of voices other than the thoughts that bounced around in my head. For the first time in years, I was alone in the woods.

Following the paths of many footsteps before mine, I tried to focus on the cool air as it kissed my cheeks.

I wanted to dance with the birds’ new songs, but the shifting clouds reminded me that time sometimes moves faster than my feet; my minutes were borrowed, and counted.

Beneath the bridge, the river ran in search of answers: “Why am I flowing when the land around me has lost its colours?” it asked the wind as it breathed a loud sigh.

The crunching snow, and slippery ice reminded me to connect with my surroundings, appreciate what I was experiencing, and let go of what I was returning to.

On a simple east/west path, I was able to lose myself. For nearly forty minutes, my stress, and anxiety were paused. I didn’t have to think; in fact, I tried desperately to keep my troublesome thoughts at bay.

Were it not for the calculation of time, and distance, I would probably have been able to achieve the true mark of being “unbusy” for a least a portion of my walk.

I will graciously accept the freedom I had in the moments I was able to breathe, and not regret what I could not have.

Thank you Forest, until we meet again…

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