What’s Your Soundtrack?

A day filled with struggles from eyes opening to closing needs a soundtrack that ignites passion, and feeds your soul.

What’s your soundtrack?

What music drags you up from your darkest pit, or revives you after a challenging day?

What moves you to tears when feeling is too difficult to attempt on your own?

When your body begs to move, but your motivation is in need of resuscitation, is there a song that enters your veins and gets you dancing?

My Spotify collection is as eclectic as a haunted antique shop in a charming waterfront hamlet. There is something for every mood, something from most genres, and something to piss off at least a few people for whatever reason they find to be annoyed at MY personal choices!

When I listen to music, I’m mostly drawn to the lyrics. A poet at heart, I search for meaning in words. My mind paints pictures from the perceived images.

I was once asked if I’d rather listen to a song with bad lyrics, and good music, or bad music, and good lyrics. I don’t enjoy bad music, but I NEED good lyrics!

Some lyrics just hit the right notes in my brain at the right time.

Every day last week posed more challenges than I cared to face, but none of them took me down. Alongside amazing people, strong power walks, and ginger tea, MUSIC was my backbone.

Two particular artists lent me power, and strength when I needed it most this week.

Thank you Bob Marley; I promise to get up, and stand up for my rights! This is not a fight that I’m going to give up!

In the words of Tom Petty

“Well, I won’t back down
No I won’t back down
You could stand me up at the gates of Hell
But I won’t back down”

Two artists with little in common; their music worlds apart, stood on my shoulders like angels guiding me towards the light that is waiting for me.

There is power in music.

There is power in words.

There is power in me.

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