Pet Peeves

I’m human, and as such, I have a list of things that annoy me. My list may twin with other people’s lists, however that doesn’t concern me. I’m proprietary with my list. Why? I guess it’s because I feel strongly about some of the noted points. This list is after all, a collection of MY pet peeves; the little things that add up to big issues and are as annoying as an unreachable, itchy mosquito bite.

In no particular order:

  1. Do not hover over/breathe/talk over my food, or drinks! Even before covid, I never liked people around my food. I know, trust me, I know that I’d never really want to know what goes in in restaurant kitchens! In fact, last summer I had the displeasure of attending a restaurant where my party’s food sat under the heat lamps for far too long while the manager held a staff meeting right above my food. Honestly, I gagged while eating it. I wanted to voice my disgust, however time wasn’t on my side, and I was dizzy with hunger.
  2. Don’t wear your shoes in my house. It’s nasty. I know what you’ve stepped in. Shoes come off at the door, thank you.
  3. For the love of everything on this planet, DO NOT LICK YOUR FINGERS when you’re eating!!!!!
  4. Time to chew quietly people! Save the chomping for someone else!
  5. Don’t leave a mess when you eat at a fast food restaurant (or anywhere for that matter!!)
  6. Put the LID down on the toilet when you flush!
  7. Don’t double dip when sharing food. (some exceptions apply)
  8. Everyone releases toxic sounds/smells, just excuse yourself and move on.
  9. Don’t assume that I’m ready for conversation just because I’m not doing something that you deem important.
  10. Don’t change the radio station/ TV channel without asking if anyone minds.

Does this list even matter, no, not really. I get irked easily. I’m sure if I dedicated enough time to it, my list could topple fingers, and toes in numbers. Honestly, I’ve put these down to instigate conversation. I’m inviting you to talk to the people around you to find out what micro issues they have that may not be discussed openly. Maybe someone is getting frustrated easily by something that could be solved with a quick conversation about compassion, and empathy regarding pet peeves, and minor annoyances?

Think about it? What makes your clock tick like a caffeinated toddler? If something small bothers you, chances are someone else has a spiky pet peeve as well.

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