Goal: To be UNBUSY

Many people wear my shoes; we wake up in the morning with our minds racing through the list of everything that NEEDS to be accomplished ASAP! Generally, we are unsuccessful in getting everything, or even most of our tasks accomplished.

With my list clear in my mind, other people begin to staircase their tasks onto mine, building an ever climbing, impossible to reach finish line. I’m ALWAYS busy. To some, I may appear to be wasting braincells away behind my laptop; however, during that time, I’m usually communicating with friends, organizing thoughts, or biding time until I’m able to do what I actually need, or want to do. I’m always doing SOMETHING whether it’s for my personal gain, or the benefit of someone else. Rarely am I bereft of something to do. Even more rarely am I able to dedicate time to something that is for ME.

I would love to be “unbusy” for a day. I’d relish in smelling the flowers without thinking about how the rest of the garden needs trimming. I’d sleep without feeling guilty about all of the chores that gang up on me when I try to rest. I would be spontaneous rather than calculated in how my time is divided, and my activities sorted.

“Unbusy…” Not taking a washroom and noticing that the floor needs to be washed, or the shower doors scrubbed.

“Unbusy…” Not constantly multitasking to the point of rarely finishing tasks, or projects because everyone demands a sideline of your time.

“Unbusy…” Being able to take pleasure in what you’re doing without considering the end time, or conclusion of the moment.

“Unbusy…” The ultimate goal for a day off!

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