The Power of One

Taylor Swift sang “It’s like snow on the beach, weird but fucking beautiful,” and I can’t shake the significance from my thoughts. Snow on the beach, why is it weird? There are beaches in cold places, so, in theory, it’s simply ironic that a beach would be covered in snow. Maybe Taylor Swift, and Alannis Morissette need to team up on a song since there isn’t a shred of irony in Alannis’ song “Ironic;” which I guess really is the ironic aspect of it, no?

This piece isn’t about irony, or female musicians though. In fact, I’m not entirely sure why I started writing it. “The Power of One” is a magnificent book, by Bryce Courtenay, which was later turned into an incredible movie, but this piece is neither a literature review, or a movie commentary.

Then why did I start writing it? What was the significance of the blue rose that sits atop this page? Why was I thinking about Taylor Swift’s song?

“It’s like snow on the beach; weird but fucking beautiful…” What does this mean to me? I don’t enjoy winter, but I love being at the beach… The power of one…

What’s coming to mind is solitude, but not loneliness. So many people equate solitude to being lonely, but I see it as a powerful way to reconnect with myself; a way to ground my overwhelmed existence; a way to breathe when there is no air.

The power of one: ME. I have the power to take charge of my life, yet I’m terrified to give my silent screams a voice. ME. I have the power to take the reins of the thousand horses that race me through my daily grind. ME. I have the power to turn

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