Simple Obedience

Hello sweet sisters in Christ!

Transition is tough.  Can we all agree on that?  Even the sweetest of transitions — like getting married or purchasing a new home — can be really hard to navigate.  A few months back, our community of writers began to experience transition. A few of us were feeling a strong call to spend more time with our family.  Some of us were feeling overwhelmed by the happenings of life and needed to step back from writing for a while. And one of us was called into starting a brand new ministry!  To say the least, we have all been experiencing transition.

As the Beautifully Broken writing team has been undergoing transition, we have been prayerfully discerning God’s next steps.  Our heart in Beautifully Broken Ministries is to follow the Lord’s leading, wherever that may be. So, we have been patiently waiting for His lead.  And waiting is not easy.

Today, I felt a prompting.  I felt the Lord nudge me to come on here and write.  So, here I am.  Our ministry is nothing if it isn’t real.  So here is real-time Dawn, just coming to the blog in simple obedience to the Father.  Why am I writing today?  I’m not actually sure.  But I do know that God has a plan, and that His plan is always better than mine.

orange flower with butterfly

What keeps coming to mind is something I heard during a Bible study I was part of last night:

A healthy and flourishing soul needs to first be yielded completely to the Father, and secondly to be surrounded by likeminded community.

Let’s all take just a minute to look at our life.  Ask yourself two questions.

  1.  Is my life yielded to the Father or am I still attempting to be in control?
  2. Do I have likeminded community in my life?

I would love to encourage you to sit with these questions for a minute.  How is the state of your soul?  Would you say it is flourishing and healthy?  Or dry and empty?

Feel free to share any thoughts, prayer requests, or answers to these questions in the comment section!  We would love to interact with you!


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