Hearing God's Voice

Hearing God’s Voice: Seers, Knowers, Hearers, Feelers


Written by: Jennifer Mahar

Over the last several months, as my faith has grown, my heart has been open to seeing God’s plans for me.
My eyes and ears have been opened through reading scripture and literature on a regular basis and reflecting through writing.

Recently, I read Playing with Fire, by Bianca Olthoff, and she talked about four ways that people hear God’s voice. There are Seers, that receive visual images; Knowers, that hear God through intuition; Hearers, that hear voices; and Feelers, that hear God through emotions.

Knowers can use their intuition to comprehend God’s word. Bianca sites Acts 16, “Paul had seen visions and physically heard from God, simply decided intuitively to bring Timothy on his journey with him. We see the fruit of his knowing by the church and the ministry that was the result of Timothy’s life.”

Seers receive visual images, or visions, from God. These visions can come in the form of a picture, moving images, or a dream. Bianca talks about the biblical account of seers, in 1 Chronicles 29:29 “As for the events of King David’s reign, from beginning to end, they are written in the records of Samuel the seer, the records of Nathan the prophet and the records of Gad the seer…

Hearers hear God’s voice. It can be an actual sound or voice. She cites Acts 9:7, “The men traveling with Saul stood there speechless; they heard the sound but did not see anyone.

Feelers, you guessed it, get an emotional interruption from God. They are able to pick up on how others feel and can sense emotion.

In my experience, people may have a little bit of each of these four gifts inside of them, but until we seek God and explore His word we are unable to understand them. When I began reading more of the Bible, I began to hear God’s voice in different ways. At first, it came in the form of a friend’s kind words or a verse sent to me in an email. Now, it comes in many different vehicles, my heart just has to be open to it.

God speaks to and wants to use all those to call upon His name, even the stragglers who’ve barely made it out of the desert alive, even those whose lives seem burned to the ground. All it takes is the desperation to cry out in the wilderness, the willingness to walk into the furnace, and faith the size of a mustard seed (Matthew 17:20).” -Bianca Olthoff, Play with Fire

2 thoughts on “Hearing God’s Voice: Seers, Knowers, Hearers, Feelers

  1. God definitely meets me in my dreams, and this is not something that I knew was even possible. Everyone always says it’s just a recount of your day being stored in your long term memory. I love that God uses that to make His plan and words for me more tangible. He is so good!


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