Connecting With God – Prayer


Written by: Stephanie Petska

If someone asked you to describe your prayer life, what would you say?

I think for everyone prayer looks different. Growing up my prayers were the same every night (if I didn’t fall asleep first). During my college years, prayer was almost non-existent. It wasn’t until later in my adult life that I understood the value for prayer in my daily routine.

In a perfect world, my prayer time would happen first thing in the morning, in the quiet with no distractions. Unfortunately that is not my everyday. Can you relate?

Prayer can happen at all times. Although some days I get to pray in the quiet mornings, most days my prayers occur amidst the mundane and chaotic moments in my daily life. They aren’t a wrapped together, neatly scripted prayer, but more for the moment, in the moment.

When I lose my temper because my oldest child is late for the bus (and I’ve told him a million times to put on his shoes), my prayer becomes a plea for help, guidance, forgiveness, and most importantly for peace. “God, please help calm my spirit and please forgive me for my sharp tongue. I pray that tomorrow morning I have a better start. Amen.”

When I have nobody to cry to for silly mistakes I’ve made or when the self-doubt is strong within, my prayer becomes a way for me to lean on God’s grace and mercy. “The righteous cry out, and the LORD hears them; he delivers them from all their troubles” (Psalm 34:17).

Not only can we pray at any time, but also any place. One of my favorite places to pray is inside my car. It’s what I call, “Auto Intercession.”

Whether all by myself or with my kiddos, I simply talk to God, explaining my ambitions, desires, faults and fears. Peace replaces anxiousness – the knot in my stomach lessens – and tears spill out of my eyes as words fall out of my mouth.

Prayer is a great way to feel directly connected to God. There was one moment I felt a warm sensation completely fill the inside of my body. It was something I had never experienced or felt before. It was as if God was reminding me of his presence and that He was there listening to me.

“Time with Jesus actually helps our wild souls be still and remember the incredible story we are part of.  Time with Jesus causes us to feel secure in our identities.” (Jennie Allen, Nothing to Prove)

So, whether praying in the quiet or chaos, your home or your car, God welcomes our prayers anywhere, anytime. There’s no right way, God just wants to connect with you and give you the peace that “transcends all understanding” (Philippians 4:7). Just talk with him like any other conversation. After all, that’s what prayer is, a simple conversation with our Heavenly Father.


  1. What does your prayer life currently look like?
  2. What new habits might be helpful? What habits might need adjusting?
  3. How can you become more comfortable in conversation with God?

3 thoughts on “Connecting With God – Prayer

  1. I too find myself praying all throughout my day. In fact sometimes I think I forget to pray (but I actually haven’t forgotten) because my prayers are such natural conversation flowing between myself and God. I have found it’s also necessary to create space for intentional prayer, something that is a little more daunting at times, but extremely rewarding!


  2. Great blog post Stephanie! Such a great reminder to continually invite God in to the everyday moments. I used to pray in the car but have not done so consistently. I’m going to get back to auto intercession!


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